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Artist Bob Starr

  Bob is a gifted artist, musician and most recently DJ bringing to the central part of Texas his own laid back, down to earth brand of Texas wit and charm.

  Visualizing and illustrating the story “The Probe” requires both a talented artist and a truly creative genius that Bob brings to this project, all in spades!

  “Bringing an inanimate object to life on the canvas is always a challenge, but a story cemented in both fact and fiction is exciting and draws you in”, Bob Starr

  Klotron brings to the web, print, and audio a story that spans two centuries and combines both the traditional pin-and-ink with painstaking color and shading Bob does all by hand. After Bob finishes a page it is digitalized and rendered with final touches added.

  After the digital files are created the final layering and extracting of digital objects used throughout the web site is added. An audio addition is in the planning stages now. The final “comic book” will be available on the web with and expanded version coming out in print later with profits going to a project to teach and excite kids about the opportunities in technology.

  “One of the crazy things about this project is discovering how much we have been affected by tech over the last fifty years ”, Bob Starr